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Whether you’re planning your first WUWM advertising campaign, you're an experienced sponsor or just want to learn more, we’re here to help. From our sponsor resources library, you can download sponsorship materials, learn about messaging specs or pay your invoice. Can’t find what you're looking for?  

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Understanding the Public Media Audience eBook Thumb

Understanding the Public Media Audience

Discover who listens to public radio and learn what makes this audience so unique.

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Effectively Measuring Public Media Sponsorship Campaigns eBook Thumb

Effectively Measuring Public Media Campaigns

Learn how to measure KPIs and prove the ROI of sponsorship to your executives and stakeholders. 

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Guide to Building an ROI-focused Public Radio Campaign eBook Thumb

ROI-focused Sponsorship Guide

Discover the right type of public radio campaign to achieve your marketing goals. 

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Purpose-Drive Marketing eBook Thumb

Purpose-Driven Marketing

Learn how public media connects your organization with consumers through shared values. 

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Public Media Marketing 101 eBook Thumb

Public Media Marketing 101

Our comprehensive guide explores everything businesses and organizations like yours need to know about sponsorship. 

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Comparing Commercial and Public Radio Thumb

Comparing Commercial and Public Radio

Discover the five differences marketers need to know.

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